Crypto and Forex Trading Platform Australia

VEMA automatically enters and exits trades according to your trade plan, calculates risk management and journals the whole process for you! Our cryptocurrency trading platform is designed to provide a secure and user-friendly environment for traders of all levels. Discover the power of seamless and secure crypto trading and automated forex trading with VEMA Trader. 

Save time and optimise your trading strategy effortlessly. Elevate your crypto investment game with VEMA Trader’s Auto Trader features. 


See a pattern forming?

Draw multiple trendline triggers that automatically input price based on your conditions. 


Need to calculate position size?

VEMA auto-calculates position size for your risk management, ensuring you stick to your trading rules.


Want to know where you stand?

Monitor your PnL and edit all your positions, even after a trade has opened.


Building success with your data?

VEMA journals every trade for you, helping you find the keys to your trading success.

Our platform empowers you to execute trades automatically, based on pre-defined criteria and market trends. Stay ahead of the curve and let VEMA Trader handle the complexities of crypto trading on your behalf. Explore the possibilities of automated crypto trading.

There has never been a better time to trade. Elevate your crypto trading experience with VEMA Trader, the preferred choice for crypto traders and forex traders.

What our traders are saying…

“VEMA has made be realise what I am capable of again and take the pressure off missing those entries!”

– Anthea

“I found that although I put in hours to draw up TA and setting alerts, I have been missing all the good trades simply because I can’t be at my computer all the time. After only using VEMA for a few days I though to myself – well I’ll be damned, unicorns DO exist!”

  • – Ryan

“I can honestly say without a doubt that VEMA has drastically improved my trading and analysis. I haven’t lost a trade yet and I have loved every minute on the platform.”

– Demi 

“I’d hate to have to trade without VEMA. It alleviates so much of the anxiety around getting into trades.”

– Sam

“Just loving VEMA Trader right now. I feel like I am trading more now, with no emotion, and the results are speaking for themselves. Cheers guys for a bloody amazing platform!”

– Smally

“I was having difficulties with time and trade setup while working full time. It has only been a week since using VEMA and have 4 winners from 6 trades. This is life changing!”

– Aline

“It’s game-changing. I’ve manually traded for over 3 years now and the first trade I did with VEMA felt like cheating. I set it up and that was it!”

– Dan

One interface, multiple exchanges

Learn one simple yet powerful interface to interact with multiple exchanges. Perform functions not typically offered by the exchange. VEMA Trader stands out as the best automated trading platform in Australia. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with a user-friendly interface, provides traders with a superior experience. 

Join the community of successful crypto traders in Australia with VEMA Trader. Our platform offers the tools and features you need to thrive in the dynamic crypto and forex markets.