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Join the VEMA Trader community and discover a new era of trading simplicity. While you stay in control of your own technical analysis, VEMA Trader automates risk management, position sizing, trade execution and journalling. VEMA Trader empowers traders to maximise their profits.

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VEMA Trader is a platform that helps traders to to execute trades with ease and confidence. We seamlessly integrate with TradingView charts and then automatically calculate the essentials like risk management, position size, and risk-reward ratios for you.

Traders maintain full control over their strategies, conducting technical analysis at their own pace and convenience. Once a trade plan is established, VEMA Trader executes entries and exits when predetermined price points are reached, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and reducing emotional bias.

VEMA Trader automatically journals every trade, capturing crucial data for comprehensive analysis and optimisation of trading strategies. With VEMA Trader, traders can navigate volatile markets with precision and efficiency, maximizing profit potential while minimising risk and stress.

Best of all, we are based right here in Sydney, Australia with a team of awesome developers, traders and admin staff who work year round to ensure you have the simplest trading experience. You can use VEMA Trader across multiple exchanges, which means you only have to learn one platform and you are ready to go in the world of crypto, forex, and (in the very near future) stocks. 

Join the community of successful crypto traders worldwide with VEMA Trader. Our platform offers the tools and features you need to thrive in the dynamic crypto and forex markets. 

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“VEMA Trader has made be realise what I am capable of again and taken the pressure off missing those entries!”


“I kept missing the good trades because I can’t always be at my computer. A few days on VEMA and I thought to myself – well I’ll be damned, unicorns DO exist!”


“Finding VEMA Trader was like striking gold. I tell everyone to use it. You need to have your head checked if you don’t!”

Jamie and Joel successfully traveling using a forex trading app
Jamie & Joel

“VEMA Trader has taken us from beginner traders wondering how to get ahead, to having the ability to actively test, trade and analyse strategy after strategy.”

One interface, multiple exchanges

Learn one simple yet powerful interface to interact with multiple exchanges. VEMA Trader stands out as the best trading platform. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with a user-friendly interface, provides traders with a superior experience.