Detailed Review of Your Analysis Cards

As we touched on in our last blog, looking at past performance gives you awareness and paints an accurate picture of where you are at in your trading journey. We also looked at how to generate Analysis cards and the reasons for doing so.

During your scheduled trade review time and once you have generated your Analysis cards, you can take your review one step further by looking at each Analysis card in detail. When you click on an Analysis card, it will populate a list of all the trades that match the tags included in that card.

The purpose of this list is to be able to go back into each trade and look for patterns. You can do this by opening the charts and reading journal entries for each closed trade. This process is particularly useful for areas where you have not performed well as you can look for repeated mistakes, patterns in the way you trade that strategy, and whether you made decisions based on emotion or logic.

Each time you carry out a review you will have closed more trades and therefore have more data than you had in the previous review. This will increase the accuracy of the statistics produced and make it easier to identify what you are doing right and where there is room for improvement.

It is only once you understand what it is you are doing wrong, that you can take steps to correct it. And once you do that, it won’t take long to start reaping the benefits of taking the time to review your performance.

To learn more about our analysis cards watch our tutorial video here.

By Sam Sillett

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