I set up my very first trade…AND IT WAS A WINNER!!!

Behind the scenes at VEMA Trader there is a team of incredible ninjas always working to make sure you get the most out of your trading opportunities. Normally you won’t hear from me. I am the behind the scenes marketing brain, working to show off VEMA Trader to as many people as possible and – to be clear – I am NOT a trader.

But somewhere along the way between spending too much time with #OGGirlBoss Anthea, grilling the team on what makes VEMA features so much cooler than any others, and creating our own Trade Pattern Cards with our pro Rhys – I accidentally learnt something. While I was working to get a screenshot of a VEMA Trader feature, I noticed a pattern that looked really similar to something I had seen in one of Rhys’s trade pattern cards and I began to wonder if it really could be that easy?

Turns out….it really is! So here is the very first trade I have ever setup…AND IT’S A WINNER!!! The simplest lines, the simplest strategy and I’m in the green!

Sometimes learning happens without us even realising it. We spend time with great people, chat about other things and suddenly find we have gained knowledge or skills without consciously intending to. Incidental learning can happen through observation, trial and error, our social interactions and the key is to remain open to it. Be open to a new experience and an opportunity to learn, even if it is not related to your initial goal or interest. By surrounding myself with awesome traders, I gained knowledge I didn’t even intend. 

It’s only a paper trade for now, because I would have to be some sort of special to put real money down when I am still just learning. But it has made me realise that day trading is something anyone can learn and take a shot at. With the way VEMA is setup I can do it in my own time (which really means late at night once the kids are asleep) and if I stick to paper trading, I can practice and not worry about whether or not I’m losing money I don’t have.

Trade Pattern Cards can be found here . I’m not one for following the markets, big annoucements, or even what other traders are saying. I can however, keep my eye on the patterns, check in on the charts when I have time, and I might just see somethis else that matches. Turns out anyone can learn how to trade…BUT now it also means my husband was right so I ask myself…should I admit that?

By Roschelle Morwood
(who one day might be a trader)

Trading has never been so simple