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5 things I learnt by doing it all through VEMA Trader

Executing trades can be a daunting task for both new and the seasoned traders. Whether it is the complexities of using the exchange, the possibility of making errors when calculating position sizes and exits, or fat fingers when entering them, at some point we have all made errors. Then on top of this, there is the necessity of being in the right place at the right time to catch a good entry on your trades.

Late last year I was looking for a tool to help me enter and manage my trades. I stumbled across VEMA Trader and have had the privilege of using it ever since. I have found countless reasons why I will never enter and manage my trades directly on an exchange ever again. VEMA Trader has not only significantly improved my own personal trading, it is also revolutionising the crypto trading industry.

I would have to write a novel to go over all the benefits I have found using VEMA Trader over going directly to an exchange to enter my trades, so I have hand-picked a few of my favourite.

The V in VEMA stands for visualisation, and I understand why. VEMA Trader’s sleek user interface allows for you to visualise and drag your entry triggers, take profit and stop loss around on the chart. You can see it there before your very eyes. No more fat fingers trying to type numbers in only to find out you entered them wrong when the trade is submitted. To see what the trade will look like and simply drag it around on the chart before you commit, this is game changing alone.

2. Calculating Position Sizes

I like to spend the little time I need to trade focusing on my technical analysis, not bashing away at calculators or spreadsheets. With VEMA Trader you no longer need to calculate or even worry about your position sizing you just tell it how much of your account you want to risk and it does the rest, dynamically on the fly. When it enters the trade, it will calculate the optimal position size to meet your trade plan and ensure you are correctly leveraged to not get liquidated.

3. Trend Line Entries

Those damn wicks! too often I was getting wicked into trades I shouldn’t have entered. I used to set alerts to “try” to capture good entries on the break of trend lines. Generally, they would go off when I was preoccupied or sleeping. On exchanges there is no way to set an order on the break of trend. VEMA Trader is all over this. You can set your entry trigger as a trend line and it will dynamically follow the trend. It looks for a bounce or break to enter the trade and automatically follows your trade plan. It calculates your position size, Take Profit and Stop Loss, according to where the entry is on the line at the time of entry. How good is that?!?!?!

4. Locking Up Capital

On exchanges, if you set any orders it will lock up your capital to fund the trade. This means you may miss other opportunities in the meantime or must reduce your position size just to get in on another trade, even if the first trade never plays out. It does not matter how many plans you set up, it will not tie up your capital until the trade plan conditions are met and the trade is entered. I love being able to setup multiple scenarios on a pair and let VEMA Trader capture which ever one plays out.

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5. Gives Back My Time

VEMA Trader has allowed me to go off and do other things I enjoy or need to attend to without the worry of missing a trade. There is now no need to rush back to the computer and bash the keyboard with my fat fingers. I don’t FOMO into trades that are yet to meet my trade plan entry conditions either. My trading is now set and forget …. well, I will admit I can’t help myself having a peak every so often! I check on my own time now, not the markets. I am loving the VEMA Trader lifestyle.

By Ryan Cornett

Trading has never been so simple