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Trader Diaries: How Josh accelerated his trading with VEMA

Words by Josh Harrington

As we celebrate our two-year birthday we’re catching up with new and seasoned traders. Meet new VEMA Trader, Josh Harrington, and find out more about his trading journey here. Read to the end to take advantage of our special birthday offer!

For Josh, simplicity & support equals success

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and information overload in the world of trading. The latter is something new trader Josh Harrington is all-too familiar with. “As you start your trading journey, there is so much information being thrown at you… [from] trading platforms, exchanges, wallets, patterns, indicators,” he says.

For Josh, VEMA Trader stood out for its simple setup and clear dashboard to make trading easy to navigate.“VEMA Trader is so simple to use,” says Josh. “Once you use it, you’ll really see a difference. [VEMA Trader gives you the] tools to be successful.

“It actually blew all the other [trading] platforms out of the water on ease of use. So I was immediately drawn to it.” 

Starting his trading journey just a few months ago, Josh found paper trading on other platforms to be challenging. “I was trying to withdraw from [another platform] and I had to Youtube [and] search through Youtube to find actually how to do it because it wasn’t [on the platforms] website,” Josh recalls.

Upon discovering our platform, Josh could quickly focus more on building his trading skills – transitioning from live to pro trading – and less on navigating complex systems. VEMA Trader’s user-friendly interface allowed him to dedicate more time to learning and perfecting his trading strategies. 

Another thing that really sets us apart is our support – from our instructional videos to our close-knit community. It’s something Josh noticed from the start. “If there’s ever something that you might not understand … [VEMA Trader has] instructional videos that are simple to follow and easy to implement.”

“The information is readily available [and] the community [are] quick to respond if there’s something missing. [I’ve met some of the community] at a Melbourne event… [they] are super welcoming and [there is] a good atmosphere and a good vibe about [the community].

Switching from paper to pro trading

Josh used our platform to make the switch to pro or live trading about a month ago. His experience so far? “Awesome.” 

Using VEMA Trader not only saves Josh time, it makes it easy for him to quickly assess the gains reflected in his (Profit and Loss) PnL. After less then a month of pro trading he’s now at 11.4% and attributes the safety net with the VEMA Trader’s risk and reward built into the system.

“My strategy with VEMA Trader is simple,” says Josh. “… I really love… [the] risk management [feature]. The drawing of my support resistance and trend lines is really easy. I’ve used the Fibonacci on a few of my winning trades. And then I’ve also used the MACD and RSI indicators.” Using those simple indicators makes it “super easy” for Josh to get on with trading.

crypto trading platform PnL

One of the other standout features for Josh has been the Smart Stop Loss. This innovative tool not only protects his gains, but also enhances his risk-reward ratio, instilling confidence in his trades.

A future-proof platform

Looking ahead, Josh envisions continued growth with VEMA Trader. As he expands his trading horizons, he anticipates accessing new markets and features within the platform. VEMA Trader’s integration with Bitget “has been a game changer” for Josh. “I know I will have access to… expanding exchanges, expanding markets and more [offers].”

With VEMA Trader’s commitment to simplicity and excellence, Josh is confident that the platform will remain a leader in the trading industry. “I love the platform,” says Josh. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and supportive community, VEMA Trader offers new traders a pathway to success.”


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