Jake on being part of the VEMA Trader family as a crypto auto trader

Trader Diaries: Jake on being part of the VEMA Trader Family

Words by Jake Howson

Meet Jake Howson, a trader for whom VEMA Trader is a non-negotiable. Learn about his journey with us and see why VEMA Trader has become an essential tool for his trading. 

Visualising your trades with VEMA Trader

With a family, house renovations, and a full-time job, Jake has found the visualise feature in VEMA Trader essential. As someone who understands technical analysis, but struggled with the complexities of executing trades on a crypto trading platform, Jake found VEMA Trader to be a game-changer. The platform’s intuitive design enabled him to convert his technical analysis into actionable trades effortlessly.

“One of the biggest things that gave me the advantage was the ability to basically visualise where I wanted to get in on the trade,” he says.

VEMA Trader negates the need for crypto traders to do the graveyard shift and lets you visualise your trades, set automatic entries, adjust stop-losses and take profits seamlessly on the chart.

Freedom to live your life

One of the most significant benefits Jake experienced with VEMA Trader is the freedom it provides in terms of time and stress-management, and taking the emotions out of the trade.

With VEMA Trader handling trade execution and management automatically, Jake no longer worries about missing trading opportunities or constantly monitoring the market. 

“The biggest win with VEMA Trader is once I’ve set the trade, I know that VEMA Trader will take care of it” says Jake. Gone is the worry that Jake might be missing the biggest trade of his life due to poor internet reception. He simply gets email notifications that he has won or lost a trade and he is able to remove the emotion from the trade and get on with life.

With this level of automation Jake has been able to cut down his trading to an hour, shut down his laptop and focus on important aspects of his life, without compromising his trade performance. 

The VEMA Trader family

Simplicity is key for Jake, and the continuous improvement and customer support with VEMA Trader is what sets the platform apart. 

“I don’t tend to use a lot of overcomplicated charts. I tend to try and keep it basic,” says Jake. 

Jake on crypto trading 

Jake reflects on winning trades with VEMA Trader “In this trade I was unsure of how the market would go, so set up a bull and bear option. The bulls took off and got a nice 9%.”  

Richard, VEMA Trader’s founder, and the entire team are readily available within the community to address user queries, provide assistance, and implement new features based on user feedback. This level of support and responsiveness ensures that traders like Jake feel valued and supported throughout their trading journey. 

VEMA Trader’s accountability stands out to Jake. Over the past two years he has seen the team has created a loyal following. Jake reflects: “if it’s broken or not working, the team will go to great lengths to problem-solve the solution.

“[VEMA Trader] is run with … passion… you feel like you are family.” 

It’s the commitment to our customers that stands out for Jake; there is a direct line to Richard and you’re not worried that you’ve missed the typical 9-to-5 support window. In the fast-paced world of trading, the rapid response time stands out to Jake.

“The team at VEMA Trader is always looking to evolve, to improve.” Jake loves that he can suggest ideas and the team will always look at the possibility of making it happen. At  VEMA Trader we pride ourselves on our familial atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration, bringing people and ideas together. 

As Jake summarises, “I feel like the team is with me and will help me troubleshoot and get back to trading where needed.”

Becoming a better trader with VEMA Trader

Looking ahead, Jake expressed excitement about VEMA Trader’s future expansion and development, notably the growing forex trading app features within VEMA Trader.

He is leveraging the analyse data feature to understand his previous trades including the reasons behind the trade. Ultimately this is helping Jake “get a better win rate for myself”. 

With VEMA Trader Jake is able to make better trades by analysing the past 2-6 months worth of trade data and make tweaks accordingly, such as increasing stop-loss by half a percent. The automatic journaling feature in VEMA Trader allows Jake to optimise his trading. 

With the analyse feature, “you can fine tune your trading and move forward… improve or onwards and upwards,” Jake mentions. “It makes life so much easier to become a better trader.”

VEMA Trader’s visualiser brings all essential tools into one, from exchange launchpad to position size calculators. Jake can easily review where he has gone wrong on previous trades and as a result get “more wins and very little losses.”

Jake’s advice for new traders? Sign up with us! “I know VEMA Trader is now one of my non-negotiables,” Jake says. “If I’m putting a trade on, and if I can’t do it with VEMA, then it’s a no-go for me.” 

Trading has never been so simple