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Trader Diaries: Tim’s Journey to Maximise Gains

Words by Tim McMahon

As we celebrate our two-year birthday we’re catching up with new and seasoned traders. This time, we sit down with Tim McMahon, an avid trader, as he shares his two-year journey with us. 

For Tim, moving to VEMA Trader was an experience akin to “striking gold”. Two years ago, he embarked on a transformative journey with VEMA Trader that not only reshaped his trading strategies, but also his outlook on the crypto and forex markets. 

Tim’s initial foray into trading was fraught with challenges — navigating through the complexities of exchanges, grappling with the anxiety of potential liquidations, and the daunting task of manual calculations. The advent of VEMA Trader in his trading arsenal marked a pivotal turning point, offering a seamless, automated solution. In Tim’s words ”I was using all the calculators and I was just waiting for myself to get liquidated or do something wrong… As soon as VEMA came around, [I knew] … this is gold. This is a no-brainer.”

Unprecedented Succeses and Key Strategies

The transition to VEMA Trader was spurred by Tim’s quest for a trading platform that could alleviate the burdens of manual trading while enhancing his efficiency and accuracy. VEMA Trader emerged as a beacon of hope, transforming his trading experience from a nerve-wracking endeavor into a streamlined, profitable journey. This platform not only simplified the trading process, but also imbued Tim with the confidence to execute trades swiftly, backed by the assurance of robust risk management strategies. ”VEMA Trader is an attractive platform, when you use it, it’s enjoyable,” says Tim. He contrasts this to trading on an exchange or off MT4: “It’s horrible, like you’re going to get murdered in the matrix of numbers.”

With VEMA Trader, Tim’s trading achievements soared to new heights, marking an impressive 80% profit on certain trades — an accomplishment that seemed elusive in his pre-VEMA days. 

Beyond these significant wins, Tim underscores the platform’s role in facilitating a deeper understanding and application of technical indicators and risk management principles. Leveraging tools like the RSI and OBV indicators within VEMA Trader’s ecosystem, Tim honed a simple yet effective trading strategy that minimised risks and maximised returns. Tim reflects that trading with VEMA is now “300 times easier… I set up TA and leave it and don’t have to watch every 5 seconds. This makes it simpler and less stressful”.

Innovative features fueling gains

Tim credits several of VEMA Trader’s innovative features as instrumental in aiding his trading gains. The bounce strategy and distance to confirmation, in particular, stood out for their ability to offer strategic entry points and avoid premature stop-outs. “I really think the bounce strategy is the best thing ever invented,” says Tim. Features like the bounce strategy allowed Tim to navigate the markets more adeptly, capitalising on optimal trading opportunities while steering clear of volatile pitfalls.

Looking ahead, Tim expresses enthusiastic anticipation for VEMA Trader’s potential expansions and improvements, including the integration with MT5. His interactions with our team, especially founder Richard, reveal a responsive and user-centric approach that has fostered a supportive community around VEMA Trader. This sense of belonging and the platform’s continuous evolution keep Tim optimistic about the future possibilities of trading with VEMA Trader.

Reflecting on his current trading experience, Tim marvels at the simplicity and ease that VEMA Trader has introduced into his routine “Everything is recorded… the journal features [are] super useful because you can see, ‘Where was I? What was I doing wrong?’”. Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms and cumbersome setups. VEMA Trader’s all-in-one functionality means that Tim can focus on what he does best — trading. This streamlined approach has not only reduced stress, but also made trading a more enjoyable and rewarding activity.

Advice for new traders

Tim’s journey offers invaluable insights for new traders navigating the complexities of the trading world. His advice is clear: leverage VEMA Trader to craft and refine your strategy, utilise the platform’s paper trading feature to practice risk-free, and embrace the educational opportunities it presents. “I tell everyone to use VEMA Trader,” he says. “You need to have your head checked if you don’t use it”.

With VEMA Trader, the path to becoming a successful trader is demystified, providing a solid foundation for anyone looking to make their mark in the crypto and forex markets.

Tim’s two-year journey with VEMA Trader is more than just a story of personal success; it’s a testament to the transformative power of the right tools and a strategic mindset in the world of trading. As we’ve explored Tim’s experiences, strategies, and the pivotal role VEMA Trader has played in his achievements, it’s evident that this platform is not merely a tool, but a partner in trading. For Tim, and potentially for traders worldwide, VEMA Trader has turned the complex, often chaotic world of trading into a realm of clarity, strategy, and success.


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