2 year birthday to top crypto trading platform

VEMA Trader is Turning Two

Words by Richard Morwood

This year, VEMA Trader turns two. It’s been a special journey that our team is proud to share with our valued community of crypto and forex traders, in Australia and beyond. Join us as we take a brief walk down memory lane, and don’t forget to take advantage of our special birthday gift – just for you!

I’m also going to share some valuable insights for you, whether you’re a new or seasoned trader with VEMA Trader. As we celebrate, we’re also reflecting on the journey – let’s dive in together.

What was it like, before VEMA Trader?

It’s almost hard to remember a time before we built an automated crypto and forex trading platform. Trading before VEMA was difficult. Let me paint a picture for you.

You would receive an alert and at that exact time of day, you would have to jump online and trade. This would involve switching from charting software to check everything was right, all while the prices are moving. You would need to simultaneously use your position size calculator, take screenshots manually and fill out your journal to conclude why you’re taking the trade. Not to forget, your risk management calculation, and manually entering all the data into your journal (stop loss etc).

Truthfully, this process resembled gambling more than it did trading with a sound strategy and execution plan. There was no real structure before VEMA Trader, it was time consuming and led to inconsistent results. This is speaking from personal experience, but also from the wonderful feedback we’ve received from hundreds of VEMA Trader users in the last two years. VEMA Trader is a crypto and forex trading app that makes trading easy, increases profitability and reduces time spent on trading, no matter what level trader you are.

2 years via top forex trading app Smally Review
The VEMA difference

Fully automated trading is the difference. The impact of multiple take profits and automatic stop-loss adjustments were game changers for traders. After we built VEMA Trader, I personally noticed that it improved my profitability, and you could see this on my dashboard (I love to see those big green candles of profit paired with days of little loss).

Crypto Trader Richard shares his wins

Smaller losses and bigger wins. That has been my experience with VEMA Trader, and it’s what drives our efforts to bring this incredible tool to more users in Australia and beyond. We believe in our work, and our system. This tool is cutting edge, intuitive and I believe it is an essential for every serious trader.

It cuts down trading time, sets up trades for you and tracks data in an easy format for you to analyse and review.

My recommendation to you, if you are reading this and considering coming onboard with VEMA Trader, is to join our community first, follow us on socials, read our blogs and resources here on the website, and get plugged in. When you feel ready, get started with one of your plans and reach out to our team for support. We’re here to help you get started with ease.

For our existing traders, one of the most under-utilised tools at your disposal is the Analyse feature. Use the analysis cards to track performance, compare results using different strategies and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Exciting news: We also recently implemented a new update as of 1 month ago, which allows users to receive pre-data cards. Another great tool to add to your toolbox.

We are just getting started, there are so many gains, adventures and wins ahead of us. Ready to sign up? For a limited time, you can get started with VEMA Trader and save for your first two months!

Sign up now!

Learn more about yourself as a trader with VEMA

VEMA Trader can teach you a lot about yourself as a trader. With the analysis cards I was able to discover my winning formula. For example Fridays are not profitable for me. I had zero insight that I should not trade on Fridays, until after I began using VEMA. I also learnt I am good at picking long positions, and not so great at picking short positions.

If you have been within our community for a while now and you’re wanting to increase profitability or take your trading journey to the next level, use our analysis cards to isolate what works, do that 80% of the time and compound. You can see how frequently our VEMA Trader community is winning in our Discord, specifically the #shinobiskills channel, where there’s a live feed of wins streaming daily. Whether it’s a 3% take-profit, or a 50% winnings, VEMA Traders are winning.

VEMA Trader wouldn’t be anything without its users and your valuable feedback. The future for VEMA Trader is bright and I am looking forward to the integration of stock trading features and tax reporting optimisation for our users.

I’m excited about the future for VEMA Trader , which is why our team have put together two special gifts for our 2 year birthday to celebrate you and our valued community.

Gift 1:

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We are giving one lucky trader the chance to win a private seat in Mastering the Markets with the legendary ASX Trader. Use your VEMA Trader paper or pro account for your chance to win Share your VEMA Trader outcome card on your socials (receive one entry per social platform) and tag VEMA Trader #VEMA2years , by the 12am AEDT 25 of March, 2024. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Gift 2: Try our VEMA Trader on Paper Trading only for just $2 for your first month or get $200 OFF your first full year of VEMA Trader Pro

As we celebrate our two-year anniversary with VEMA Trader, I can’t help but feel grateful for the transformation it has brought to my trading journey, but more importantly, to the lives of many other traders in Australia and beyond. Our valued VEMA Trader community is the core driving force for our team, and I’d like to take a moment to thank them for trusting VEMA and for spreading the word. 

Here’s to many more years of success and growth with VEMA Trader and our epic community. As for me? #AlwaysBullish, #VEMA2years always looking for longs, always ready to grow.

Trading has never been so simple